International Staffing Consultants Employer of Record Services

Asia and Beyond 

China, South East Asia, others

Latin America

​Serving Mexico and most of Latin America

Australia and New Zealand 

Australia, New Zealand and others


EOR and and payroll services in EU and and most other countries in the region 

Global Reach

Eliminate the need for “brick and mortar” operations overseas.

Our global “Employer of Record” service enables companies to more efficiently and cost effectively engage the talent they need anywhere in the world, while eliminating the need for “brick and mortar” operations overseas. In addition, we offer a variety of international workforce solutions including worker engagement, payroll processing, vendor management, tax & labor law compliance for a number of foreign countries.

The truly global workforce management solution!


International Employer of record Services 

​​​Global Employer of Record Services for your Overseas Employees

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